Learners insurance – Insurance for young people

You’ve passed your provisional driving test and recieved your green provisional licence. Now you’re looking to get behind the wheel and start learning to drive!

If you’re learning to drive with a professional instructor like those at the AA or BSM then you wont need your own insurance policy since the vehicle you’re driving will already be covered by the companies provisional licence car insurance policy.

If you’re driving a friend or relatives car which doesn’t have the nessecary insurance for learner drivers then you’ll need to arrange your own insurance.

Bringing down the cost

  • Complete the Pass Plus course
  • Concentrate on earning a no claims discount
  • Select a car in a lower insurance group
  • Increase your cars security
  • Keep your car in a safe location overnight
  • Avoid modifying your car
  • Compare many insurance policies

Why insurance costs are so high for young people

  • One in five drivers are involved in a crash within their first 5 years on the road.
  • Male drivers under 21 are ten times more likely to be involved in a car accident than male drivers over 35.
  • Young drivers are involved in more crashes at night than older drivers.
  • Only one out of every eight British drivers are under 25, yet a 25% of drivers who die in traffic collisions are in this age group.
  • In 2007, forty percent of passengers killed or seriously injured were in a car driven by a young driver.